Friday, August 14, 2009


Forgiving someone is sometimes hard to do but we just got to do it in order not to break the bond but sometimes when pain and hatred gets along the way forgiveness is really hard to do. I've been suffering from this struggle for three years but when I finally learned to let go of it and free myself from the hurt and pain inside It feels good to let go and forgive the people who have cause me pain and disappointment.I've been feeling guilty of the wrong things that I've done in the past without saying sorry to the ones that I've carelessly hurt before. Now that I can't turn back the time the only thing that I always did was to forgive myself of the things that I've done to them and move on. I can proudly say to you now that I forgive the people who hurt me and who hated me as person. I can't force them if they hate me then it's ok I can't please everybody. I respect their opinion. I'm not perfect and I'm not like them. I just got to let these things go. It doesn't make me happy anyway and It doesn't help me at all. I better break the ice and chill. If God can forgive why can't I. Forgiveness taught me how to be humble. The fact is when you forgive someone, it does not make you a lesser person as you. Have a happy weekend my friend.


paulo said...

Very true Carms! And don't forget to forgive yourself as well to attain happiness :)

God Bless!

madz said...

Nice post about forgiveness Carms. I must say I had that experience. Anyway, I already forgave 'that friend'. And I really don't care anymore if she'll accept my apology.

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