Sunday, August 09, 2009

Work and work again

I got a lot of pending work to do. I just wish and pray I could finish all of these tonight. I wish that everything will turn out right. I can't understand what I feel inside me. I know this is not just the first time I'm feeling this way. I just always remind myself that this too shall pass. I got to pray harder now that I feel that I'm helpless. I got to hold on. I got to prepare for tomorrow's lesson. I wish that tomorrow will be a beautiful and inspiring day for me and for my pupils. Talking about the weather, The temperature is rising and it's really warm in here. I miss the rain. Tomorrow is another day. I got to experience life and touch others life tomorrow. It's another mission to fulfill and to make things better. Even if there are fears and anxiety inside I got to face every plight and challenge with a smile in my face and positive mind to shield me from the things that may cause me to be weak. Go Carms you can do it. No time to surrender now. God bless you my friend


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paulo said...

Yes, Go Carms! I also believe that you can do it :)

madz said...

Carms, whenever I read your post, I would always notice how busy you are. But despite of that, you managed to pass through it. And I admire you for that.

God Bless.

Carms said...

thanks madz God bless you too

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