Friday, August 28, 2009


We have fun today celebrating our city fiesta. Viva San Augustine! I got to be with my old friends maam alice and weng. Weng just came out of the convent. I'm still wondering how it feels like to be in the convent all I ever knew was that my ultimate dream is to be a nun but maybe I will be wondering for the rest of my life because I still wasn't able to enter the convent. One congregation told me to have a boyfriend first before entering the convent to experience human love but the problem is that here is one kept secret I got is that I never had a boyfriend ever in my life. Since I don't have one maybe I will never be in the convent. I'll be turnng thirty this Monday (I'm old na) I guess and I'll be single and satisfied for life. I'll be serving God in my own little way. I remember back then My spiritual counselor Sister Josefa ask me why I have the desire to enter the convent I just told her that because I love Jesus and Jesus loves me and He is the only one who truly loves me. For sure God destined me to be a teacher to serve the kids and touch their lives. There are a lot of times I tried quitting but I always end up going to back to teaching. Sometimes I got frustrated like what happened yesterday that only few kids went to school just for the reason that they wanted to watch and join the activities in our city fiesta I need to understand that it's just a test of patience and endurance in how I got to handle such situation I felt embrassed about it but now I realized that these things happen for me to accept that nothing is perfect that I need to do something next time that the kids will not be absent in school anymore. It's not my fault anyway I did not tell them to be absent but it's their own decision to be absent and I just got to go with the flow. I feel bad about it honestly I will talk to them and tell them what I truly feel about what they did. Happy weekend my friend.


paulo said...

Happy fiesta, may handa pa bang natira? :D

paulo said...

Happy fiesta! May natira pa bang handa? :D

puzzle said...

Well Carms, if it is your passion, your vocation, go for it, keep on trying. I once think of being a nun too. That's when I haven't knew Paulo yet. God Bless you Carms!

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