Monday, August 31, 2009

My Day

I just turned thirty today. I'm old now. Few of my treasured friends greet me today. I don't mind if I there are only a few people who greeted me compared the last year I won't mind. The important thing is that God gave me another chance to live my life again to make things right, to face my plight and to make things better. I know I still have a mission in life that I need to fulfill whatever that is I hope I could accomplish it well and right. Each of us has our own life then while I was there in the church this morning I was thinking what would life be if ... I started to question am I alone here? I come to realized that a lot of people too have their own path, have their own way and they have own life to fix with just like mine. I come to think that I'm not alone anyway the only secret is that I just need to remember that God will never give me problems which I cannot handle. Life seems hard but I got to stand still and go on with it. I got no choice but to live with it or else I'll lose my sanity anyway what is important is that I'm still sane hehehe. I miss eating chocolates I might as well buy chocolates tomorrow hehehe God bless you my friend


nuts said...

happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you! More blessings to come. Happy birthday!!!

paulo said...

Oh Carms, I'm sorry I missed your day. Better late than never ayt? Happy Birthday. May God continue to bring you courage everyday. God Bless.

puzzle said...

Oh, I missed your day Carms. I'm so sorry. Belated Happy Birthday!

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