Friday, July 17, 2009

Change Mood

I get up a little late today. I'm almost late lucky I was there in school at the nick of time. I promise myself to be fine and to display a happy mood to the class. I don't want to end the day being frustrated and mad. For the very first time I sang my favorite song in the class they were so silent and attentive listening to me. I got to laugh at myself after singing the song. I realized that I shared something that is really a part of me and it feels so good. The kids were amazed and telling me to sing more. I don't know what happen to me. I got carried away of my plan to be happy today and it did. They really find it weird because I let them play after the class because I don't usually let them play but instead I let them go home straight to help their parents and do their household chores. Today is a miracle. I guess my kids are also happy because I gave them a chance to play today. This batch is better than last year. They are mature and they are willing to adjust to their classmates. Speaking of the spoiled kid it's been two days now that he is absent maybe he is sick. Get well soon to those kids who got sick. I hope that they are well now. Happy weekend my friend. God bless you


paulo said...

That's nice Carms! And what is your favorite song? I guess it's the sick season. In NCR, all classes are suspended (lucky students, ha ha).

BTW, nothing is impossible, who knows, you'll be in Boracay tomorrow :)

puzzle said...

Carms, I bet you had a wonderful voice. Me, I only got to sing at home. I don't got that talent.

BTW, I'm on a diet too. I just can't discipline myself, ha ha.

nuts said...

a very effective way to release frustrations, thats singing! when sad, i usually do singing too, it helps me a lot.

pehpot said...

singing is definietly not for me, I dance when I need to let outomething or I blog haha

kids as you know willalways be kids, play is just like the magic word to them :)

Happy weekends!

Make or Break

Imelda said...

i love singing too. how are u this saturday carms?

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