Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The events of the day

Normally the spoiled kid rocks the class. He easily gets irritated with his classmates and when they tease him he gets angry. He was really angry that he wanted to make noise, hurt himself and do something to attract my attention. Naturally I told his classmates to be aware of his attitude and understand him because he is sensitive. I told them that we must give him space for him to see the whole picture of what is going inside the classroom because of him. in the meanwhile I told him ok, if you are angry release it somewhere but I was afraid he might do something but I let him release his anger what he did was he was hitting the wall with his hands it took me a few minutes to talk to him and ask him, "ok are you done?", what do you get from hitting the wall with your hands? then he was crying telling me that his hands turn into blue then I made him realized that nobody ever told him to do that and yesterday I already told him that he should ignore whatever is the things his classmate tease him because it's not true and that he would be looking like a fool if he takes and react to whatever his classmates tease him. He can't adjust to the attitude of his classmates because he thinks he is better than them and he thinks he is always right that everybody should follow him. After I talk to him he indeed realized that what he did was wrong. I talked to him reminded him that he will be the loser in the end if he reacts and hurts his classmates just because of such useless things that they say about him. He got calm and behave in the corner. I got so stress after that. It's really difficult I've heard his mom is already here all the way from Spain thank you I would be glad to talk to her and tell her everything about his son's behavoir. Changing him would took time I'm hoping he will change. God willing.


odds and ends said...

Great Job Ma'am Carms :D

and yes, this is one of my blogs :D -- madz

madz said...

Hi Carms, good to hear na uuwi na ang nanay ng spoiled student mo. Kaya siguro hindi siya nadisiplina ng maayos dahil wala ang nanay nya?

paulo said...

I hope he will change Carms, it's for his own good :D

Carms said...

yup ok na yeah nagkausap na kami ng nanay niya I'm glad na may agreement na kami hehehe

odds and ends said...

Good to hear na may agreement na kayo Carms :D

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