Monday, July 13, 2009


I went home early from school today. I was supposed to meet my professor but my friend did not text me ahead that he is going to school with me after class. Anyway it turn out that he was there waiting for me hoping that I will show up but I did go to school because I was thinking that he might not be there because he did not text me instead I went out and print forms. I'm kinda bit guilty but I guess it was not my fault he should have text me before the time or earlier. I'm glad that he was not mad at me but he went to our professor and set an appointment hopefully I'll be going there on Wednesday. It so happen that it rain so hard that I could not get out of the internet cafe which I have printed my papers because of the rain. luckily near the the cafe was my friend's beauty parlor without any plan I have my hair cut and my nails trimmed in no time. Funny my mother was shock when I went home because I got a new hair style. She was laughing at me she couldn't believe what I have done to my hair. I don't usually cut my hair without her consent. I think this one of the time which I have done something that I have decided myself. Whenever I have plans and do something I always consult my family well just for an haircut It's no big deal yet for me it is something because whenever I decided and plan something by myself I always make sure that in the end I won't regret and end up unhappy. I wish I'll grow up not in size and be independent but being a grown up and independent requires to be responsible and courageous to face the challenges in life. Maybe I've grown up and I'm responsible the only thing is that I'm still in my comfort zone yet only to find out that I'm already in the real world.


nuts said...

hhmm, i'm thinking of new hairstyle too and it is a big deal for me to have a new haircut. it actually symbolizes a new event in my life. :)

Dorothy L said...

Sometimes we grow up and learn through our day to day stumbles and we are not even aware of it.

Cute story!

paulo said...

HI Carms, why not post a picture of you with your new haircut?

madz said...

Carms, ako rin ganyan, somewhat dependent, I can't decide on my own. Kasi for me, happiness would mean that the persons that I love agree to what I decide. Ganun ata talaga.

odds and ends said...

If I may ask Carms, how young are you?

chubskulit said...

hi carms, just try it little by little.. you'll eventually get use to it..

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