Thursday, July 30, 2009

Resolving Conflicts in School

School was kind a bit tiring kids were so restless. I was having a meeting when suddenly pupils were telling me to go back to the classroom because one of their classmates had a fight. In times like this, it makes me really think of applying for a new job. Resolving conflicts is really a stressful job. I got to listen to both sides of the story and always have a fair decision to both sides. Kids who are immature, are really hard to deal with this kind of situation because they don't actually admit their mistake and always refuse to say sorry and always make a way to escape from the sin they committed. My blood pressure rises when I talk to them because there are a lot of task to be done and deadlines to be accomplish and there they are adding to it. I don't mind actually in resolving the conflict because that is my job but the rule is fighting is not allowed in the classroom and they are violating it. Naturally fighting is not good. I already told them that if ever there are misunderstandings among them, they must talk about it and never use their hands to express their anger. They must always think first before doing something. They must listen to each other instead of having their own way to ease their feeling of hatred. Good thing both kids patch up things together and make peace. Honestly, it makes me cry when my kids are behaving the way I didn't taught them to behave because people would always say that the fault is in me. I can't please everybody. I know I'm doing my job but then nothing is perfect anyway I got to go through some trials and obstacles anyway it is a part of life and it is a way for me to grow and to become a better person and that I know for sure this too shall pass. Help me pray that these kids will be good individuals. Have a nice day.

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madz said...

Carms, probably that's one of the reason kung bakit hindi matatawaran ang pagiging isang guro. You stand as a mother of all your students. And I salute you for a job well done.

God Bless.

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