Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's a rainy saturday afternoon

I spend whole day at home doing my household chores. I hope I could also finish my task in school today. I fix my room and clean up everything today. I'm almost done and after this I'll take a rest for tomorrow is another day. I'm kinda bit confuse but I'm trying to figure out how to schedule and prioritize the things I need to do. It's a cool saturday right here. I didn't got a chance to go out of the house. I wonder why these past few days the rain poured out every afternoon and now until this very moment the rain is still pouring down. My niece told me we should be happy that there is rain because for her rain is life. It gives life to the plants.Happy weekend my friend.


amiable amy said...

make at least 4 sentences girl...goodluck to you...

odds and ends said...

That's a good outlook for your niece Carms. It's raining hard here in Quezon City :(

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