Saturday, July 18, 2009

My long lost friend

We've been friends when we are still young. When they move out from our place, I really thought that they already have gone to America. I just found out that she stayed first in Manila and then move to US after she graduated in grade school. Just yesterday I've searched for her name in the net there she is. All grown up like me. I dropped a note in her inbox but she didn't reply maybe she have totally forgotten all about me but she accept me as her friend. I still could vividly remember everything that we have been through, we play a lot indoors with our toy plates and dolls and normally we fight then afterwards we patch up things easily. I could not remember how we say goodbye all I know was that I miss her when they left. I'm happy now that at least in the net I could see her photos and know that she is ok. Happy weekend my friend.


Imelda said...

Hi carms thanks for always posting a comment in my post. Btw, don't worry if your friend did not reply yet, she may be busy right now to answer or maybe she has not accessed her emails yet. Hapi weekend, carms!

odds and ends said...

Wow, a long lost friend! I can sense that you really treasure friends Carms, like I do. :)

God Bless!

paulo said...

Just last night, my friend asked me to visit another friend of ours. Your post just reminds me of them ;)

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