Monday, July 06, 2009

My Day

Hi there. I'm kinda sleepy today because I didn't have any rest in the weekend but I'm ok. The spoiled kid does his stuff again. He is really different from his classmates. I got the hard time adjusting to his attitude. He is not like dennis d menace or perhaps calvin but he is really someone that I could notice in my class. anyway, I got to live with it, maybe from time to time He will change his attitude. I hope.


odds and ends said...

Hi Carms, hope you're special student would really change. It's hard to deal with him right?

As for me, my day is not good as well =(

madz said...

Ako Carms, I'm not in the mood today =(

Yen said...

Thats what you called dedicatin to work. if i am in your shoe carms, maybe i already change my profession. haha
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