Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cool Saturday

It rained the whole day today. The streets are all muddy, the climate is cool and my asthma now is ok. I'm ok now, I just need to rest. I miss mister sun. Oh Mister Sun,sun, Mister golden sun please shine down on me. Line from a song hehehe I never did see a trace of the sun today. The sky is all covered with dark heavy clouds. I was able to pay my bills and prepared a delicious experimented sandwich. My mother was actually wondering what I'm preparing. She was the first person to taste it. It taste good. yehey ! success. They actually consumed three packs of slice bread today because of that sandwich spread i made. I seldom cook now and even prepare food in the house because I don't have much time for that. now that I got the chance I then grab the opportunity. I'm so happy. I got to fix a lot of things today just hope I could finish all up today. God bless u my friend


amiable amy said...

Doing my rounds here now...Check your email later ha.

odds and ends said...

That's great Carms. How about sharing the recipe?

paulo said...

Yeah Carms, why not share the recipe? :D

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