Friday, July 10, 2009


Walang pasok bukas. hehhehe I love it when it is friday because it's the end of the week. thank God it's Saturday tomorrow no class and I'll probably be sleeping tomorrow in this cold weather. I will finally see my future mentor and tomorrow will be a new start for me. I got to focus now to my thesis proposal. wish me luck. happy weekend my friend.


vijaysuperstar said...

paulo said...

Thank God its Friday again Carms!

Bakit naman sa year 2059 pa ang Boracay trip mo? Baka marumi na beach nun that time :P

puzzle said...

Just read this post today Carms. Ha ha ha.. I too feel glad whenever it is Friday. :D

I hate Mondays! It's the day when I have to wake up early, and when traffic welcomes me at EDSA!

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