Friday, July 10, 2009

My Heart

My mother wanted me to visit the doctor but I guess I'm ok right here. I could manage myself. I guess now that I'm getting more bigger , I need to have my diet and reduce the intake of chocolates and softdrinks. I got to discipline myself. I got to do this or else I'll be maintaining medicine for high blood pressure and hypertention. My heart was never been broken eversince before so I got to take care of it. I won't let anyone not even such traitor disease will break this hehehe sound so serious right? no joke sometimes if I think too much about the current issues i need to resolve in my life and when I got angry and frustrated my heart really aches I hope and think that it is all psychological. This too shall pass I believe it will just pass.


jessel said...

hi thanks for leavin' some comment and the compliment bout my son..have a great weekend

amiable amy said...

be careful with your health girl

puzzle said...

Hi Carms, as what I had said in my other comment, I too, am on a diet. However, I just have a cup of ice cream earlier, ha ha. Good that I started a fruit diet just last Wednesday. I promise to eat just fruits every dinner. And I guess it is quite helping me.

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