Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Monday

I'm very busy today. I went out from the school to fix papers for my license and for my transcript of records. I accomplished everything today the only thing I'm going to do now is to waiting for the time I'm going to get the papers I processed today. Life is bit tiring but I just got to stay focus. i received a good news from the school I didn't expect since I really didn't mind about it. I'm glad because it was a big surprise to me. I'll tell you in time what is that all about if I already fix everything. I'm so excited. I actually receive a package from ate Flor the friend of my sister. She gave me a box of Pili nuts and goodies courtesy of ate Aime. It is really delicious and it is fresh from Bicol. About the weather forecast, it is raining again. The rapid change of weather cause people to get sick. I got one pupil who is already two weeks absent and others get sick just this weekend and are absent today. I just wish they get well now and be in school tomorrow. I got to prepare for school tomorrow. I got new and excited strategy for the kids. I hope it works even if their attendance is not perfect. God Bless you my friend.


eugene said...

I am proud of you, you must be a wonderful teacher,,, children are precious,teach them right,thank you on behalf of the children

odds and ends said...

So, how's the new strategy Carms?

Yes, I got sick too, thus I filed a leave yesterday. Good that I'm well now.

I got curious about the good news you received.

Care to share some pili nuts? :P

God Bless,

puzzle said...

As for me Carms, I'm on travel this week. Busy week :)

paulo said...

I'm on a busy Monday too Carms. We got stuck on a traffic Sunday allowing us to get home by midnight. Then I have to get up early for my Monday work where I have to be at Laguna :(

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