Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleepy me

I'm kinda sleepy yesterday and today. All I ever wish is to sleep. Last night I dreamed of a very strange situation. I don't know it's been two days now since I've been dreaming of strange dreams. The first one was that in my dream, it was like I am having a tour by the sea. I was in a huge ship then I was there touring around the ocean with a lot of people I didn't know then in my dream my sister fetch me after the cool weird ride on the ship. The second dream was were in an old hospital then my sister look so sad and we didn't even talk in the dream. I can't understand why I'm dreaming all of these must be that I'm just depressed and I'm not doing anything about it I just let it pass but unaware, I'm being affected by it. I should not be feeling this way don't even know the reason behind it maybe because I gain a lot of weight again and I need to exercise, have my diet and discipline myself from eating. My friend gee was laughing at me when she learned that I did not watch T.V. last week instead I lock myself in my room and listen and memorize some nursery rhymes so that i will not be tempted to eat in the kitchen funny right? but it is true. I try hard not to drink softdrinks this week and I guess for three school days I just drink water instead of softdrinks. I think that is a good start. I got to lose weight because If I don't, I'll be force to have a change dress sizes again. nightmare but true. Wish me luck. Take care


paulo said...

Hi Carms, your dream probably reside on your subconscious mind. As for your diet, it's great that you resist on drinking softdrinks. I too would rather have a bottle of fit n' right rather than having softdrinks.

puzzle said...

Hi Carms,

Ako minsan, I dreamed and totally forgot everything as I wake up. :D

I am too sleepy yesterday as well. Nauna na akong natulog sa kanilang lahat :D

God Bless,

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