Friday, July 03, 2009

The Busy Bee Part II

I thought I don't have work to do but I have lots of them. My Lesson plan, my performance target and my mahiwagang thesis proposal. I'm sure my professor is looking for me. If only she got my number she would probably be texting me now. Life is busy I'm starting to get confuse in what to do. I got chores in the house, I got nieces to take care of, I got nanay and tatay to look after and I got myself too hehehe. I'm ok after this, I will start doing the things I need to do. Lucky the two babies are now asleep I just hope they won't be waking up as early as one o'clock in the morning and play hehehe. I hope. God bless. Happy Weekend my friend.

1 comment:

puzzle said...

Carms, don't ever give your number to your prof, he he he. Sometimes a text message or even a missed call already bothers our peaceful heart.

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