Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sun is here.

It didn't rain hard today. Tomorrow is a another day. School again for me. I got new topics to discussed with my kids. I hope I'll have a perfect attendance for my kids. I hope the kids who got sick are ok now. I'm ok now totally recovered. Everything work with God's grace and a strong positive thinking it heals and it works trust me. Just focus on the things you wanted to happen and hold on it never let go. Everything is possible. Never say never. It's very effective. Try it you'll see how powerful your mind is. God bless you my friend.


madz said...

Thanks for the advise Carms. It rained hard yesterday, and it makes us travel for 5 long hours just to make it home. When in fact, on regular days, it should only be traveled for 1 hour. Well, at least we're safe :D

God Bless!

paulo said...

Hope it won't rain anymore (for this week at least). There had been flood here and there.

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