Thursday, July 02, 2009

Weekend Task

I'll be out in the class tomorrow for a seminar in reading. I got to distribute the entire class from the different sections in grade four. I hope they are going to be present tomorrow. I'll be back in school by 3pm for the General PTA offficers for the entire class. I don't want to go. I even wanted to be replaced by other teachers to handle this, but I have no choice because nobody is willing to do my job for five years as a contact person in NSTP going to school in a Saturday for reading tutorials for the kids in school and for the college students as tutors of the kids in reading. I'm already tired of this every year, I wish that they will move this to a community based program yet the children always begged me to let the tutorials be done in school sad to say not all of them would finish the tutorial for one school year due to some reasons. I hope kids will take this seriously this year because the tutorial is for free. All they need to do is to participate in the tutorial session. I wanted to give up on this but there is really something in me , telling me to continue as long as a non-reader exist in school I will not stop doing the tutorial unless if the university will not consider us anymore the "school" as their partner in their NSTP program.


Bogie said...

hello Carms, was so happy to see you here in the blogosphere :)

-Judy Ann

Wrigley said...

hello visiting you here :)

ATasteofMyLife said...

hi, Carms visit my other blog too :)

puzzle said...

A salute for you.

paulo said...

Oh, I hate working on weekends.

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