Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doctor. doctor I'm sick again---opps sorry the doctor is on vacation

I did not post yesterday because I'm not feeling well. I don't know must be the weather. I manage to go to school and have my regular class. My doctor is on vacation but she left me prescriptions I need to take if I'm not feeling well. Kid's attendance in school is no good. There are so many pupils who got sick. I wish they are already ok. There are also some kids who are absent because they just don't want to go to school. I hope they realize the value of education. I'm trying to be fine and not to really pay attention to my asthma. I bought a new inhaler today. yes! at last I have my new inhaler I don't know what happen to my old inhaler. When I went back home from the hospital I can no longer find it maybe a bogeyman found it and swallowed it when he knew that I was not in my room to scare me hehehe. just joking. I'm tired but I got one more day of work then Saturday my rest day for now because the XU-NSTP did not yet start their tutorial session. I'll be very busy next month. There are a lot of upcoming contest in school, investigatory projects, and reading tutorials with the XU college students. I'll be handling 40 pupils and 40 students for three straight hours in a Saturday. I hope this batch is fine and dedicated just like last year's batch. God bless you. I hope I'm ok now. I think I am now hehehe


Yen said...

Get well son carms. Relax and smile more

madz said...

I got to giggle a bit. I sometimes wanted to take a leave from office because I don't want to go to the office :P

He he, bogeyman, bad bogeyman.

Seems like you really are a busy bee Carms.

God Bless!

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